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  • started and supported the great Republican Budget Tantrum of 2013 in which Republicans refused to pass the already-negotiated budget because they didn't get exactly what they wanted, costing the US economy nearly $23 billion.
    • ...which was primarily a repeal of Obamacare...
      • ...even though they offered no solution to replace it or even a viable plan for winding it down.
      • ...and while comparing those who refused to defund it to Nazi appeasers, implicitly comparing its supporters to Nazis as well.
  • threatened a second shutdown over Planned Parenthood, perpetuating the idea that federal funding to PP is used for abortions
  • against allowing children of immigrants to become legal citizens.
  • supports the bizarre idea of building a (higher and longer) wall between the US and Mexico, later made even more notorious by Donald Trump.
  • believes that the US was founded as a Christian nation; hired serial liar David Barton, who also promotes this myth, to run his super PAC[1]
  • voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act
  • opposes marriage equality, for the usual bogus reasons
  • opposes abortion rights, even for victims of rape and incest
    • has continuously supported bans on taxpayer funding of abortion and bans of "partial birth abortion".
  • claimed that the 2015 Planned Parenthood shooter was a "transgender liberal activist", thus ginning up more hatred of liberals and transgendered people purely for the sake of pandering to his base, after claiming that there was very little evidence to connect the killer with "the pro-life movement" despite the fact that said movement advocates doing exactly what the killer did.[2]
  • speaks at events hosted by right-wing hate groups:
    • American Family Association
  • frequently claims religious liberty is under attack, when the opposite is true
  • falsely claimed that Christian terrorism stopped centuries ago[3]
  • supports the Republican anti-birth-control position (which he falsely claimed is "made-up[...] nonsense, manufactured by Democrats", excusing it with the offhand claim that he knows there's no condom shortage because when he was in college you could buy them for 50 cents[4] (a patently ridiculous response)
  • falsely described Plan B as an "abortifacient", and repeatedly referred to contraception in general as "abortion-inducing drugs"[5]
  • supports a Constitutional "right to life" for unborn fetuses[6]
  • wants to allow businesses to fire women who choose to use birth control or choose to have a baby[7]
  • wants to investigate Planned Parenthood for criminal violations[8], of which there is no evidence
  • has described fact-checking site Politifact as "yellow journalism"[9], further indicating his distaste for facts.
  • Cruz, along with "two other then-candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, appeared at a "religious liberty" conference put on by Christian fascist Kevin Swanson, who thinks gay people should be put to death."[10]
    • ...and then lied about it, claiming he had no idea what Swanson or the conference represented. (ibid.)
  • Claims support to a "right to privacy" when opposing equal access protections, but ignores it completely when trying to outlaw dildos.
  • Has appointed noted wingnut Gordon Klingenschmitt to his "Colorado Leadership Team".[11]