Toilets of Terror/FL

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Introduced by Florida Representative Frank Artiles (R) and co-sponsored by Representatives Dennis Baxley (R), Daphne Campbell (D: shame!); Matt Gaetz (R), Mike Hill (R), George Moraitis (R), Ray Rodrigues (R), and Charlie Stone (R), would have prohibited "knowingly and willfully entering single-sex public facility designated for or restricted to persons of other biological sex" in restaurants, workplaces and schools. with a $1000 penalty and up to a year of jail time for violations.[1]

Artiles argued that it would not inconvenience transwomen because bathroom use is "voluntary".[2] He also said that gender identity is "subjective" – by which he apparently meant "objective", because he finished the thought by concluding with the absurd statement that the birth sex of a transgender person is the only factor that should dictate which restroom they use and that "It’s their plumbing that determines where they go to the bathroom. [..] Their anatomy is going to dictate where they go to the bathroom." – completely ignoring the fact that many transgender people do not have the anatomy they were born with, but are in fact physically indistinguishable from the gender as which they identify.

It's not true, of course, that amending the bill to allow for actual anatomy would make it any less oppressive, but the fact that the sponsor of such a bill is apparently completely unaware of the medical realities of the population about which he is legislating is just one more indication of the profound incompetence of a majority of Republican legislators.

Fortunately, the bill was sent to the Judiciary Committee, where it died in April.