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Republican methodology:

  1. Problem exists.
  2. Democrats attempt to solve it.
  3. Republicans hobble solution.
  4. Solution doesn't work perfectly.
  5. Republicans blame solution for original problem.

This was applied to Obamacare. Another variant was used at the Benghazi embassy:

  1. Problem exists (not enough security)
  2. Democrats attempt to solve it (asking for more security funding -- Hillary being among them)
  3. Republicans hobble solution (funding denied)
  4. Problem occurs because solution isn't in place (the Benghazi attack)
  5. Republicans blame problem on Democrats (especially Hillary)

Also, where they can identify populations of people who tend not to fall for their BS, they enact laws which tend to prevent those people from voting (voter suppression) or reduce the effectiveness of their votes (Gerrymandering) -- rather than honestly confronting criticism of their policies.

Much needs to be written about this: