Taking Religious Liberties

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Many Republican positions are justified in the name of "religious freedom" or "religious liberty", but they don't increase anyone's freedom. What they do is impose a particular brand of Christianity on everyone else -- allowing right-wing Christians to take liberties against the rest of society.

A brief overview:

  • inserting religious doctrine into public education:
    • teaching the Bible as fact[1]
    • teaching creationism as fact, or as a theory of equal validity to evolution
    • abstinence-based education (like walking-based driver education)
  • anti-gay sentiment and laws
  • anti-trans sentiment and laws
  • laws subjugating women
  • Many Republicans are working towards theocratic ends, and nobody in the party tells them to stop:
    • believe that Biblical rules should supercede or guide government
    • believe the Constitution was based on Biblical ideas or laws
    • claim that the founding fathers felt that various beliefs specific to Christianity were essential for the proper functioning of government or society

Theocratic leaders:

  • 2016 GOP frontrunner Ted Cruz is a Seven Mountains Dominionist.[2]
  • George W. Bush campaigned on a platform of "bringing God back to the White House", and was applauded.