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Whatever it once was, the US Republican Party has become truly awful -- that is, far more so than the average political party[1]. This is a fact that is now pretty much obvious to anyone who isn't a Republican; there has been extensive debate, and the debate is now over. Today's Republicans are, as a group and as individuals, absolutely terrible at running a government of any size.

If you take any arbitrary piece of terrible legislation that has come out in the past ten to twenty years, it was probably sponsored by a Republican and backed by Republicans. If a Republican and a Democrat disagree over something important, it's almost always the Republican who is not just wrong, but absolutely and utterly dead wrong.

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Republicans have:

  • decimated public education:
    • slashed budgets for public education at all levels
    • engaged in a nationwide campaign to insert superstition and anti-scientific dogma into school curricula
    • required stickers on textbooks stating that essential cornerstones of modern understanding are "just a theory"
    • removed any elements of critical thinking from school curricula.
  • ruined municipal governments by reducing taxes on the wealthiest
    • ...thus creating another pseudo threat to "save" us from by cutting vital services, which in turn destroys the local economy, further reducing government revenues until the budget is in absolute crisis -- providing an excuse for even more draconian "austerity" measures
    • Wisconsin, Louisiana, Michigan...
  • promoted false claims about their opponents, merely for the sake of winning (see Political Philosophy)
    • (maybe a quick list of myths here?)

Ghastly Governance


  1. which of course I mean the Democrats, who have raised mediocrity to a fine art form