Moral Absolutism

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Republicans think they're in the right, regardless of any criticism or evidence. Anyone who criticizes you is therefore the enemy, and not to be trusted. As the second President Bush famously said: "you're either with us, or you're against us; either you're with those who love freedom, or you're with the enemy."[1]

That kind of sentiment is what we non-Republicans often refer to as "facepalm-worthy": it's the kind of thing we just can't believe anyone would be so stupid as to say out loud.

I really shouldn't have to explain this, but apparently Republicans don't get it: this is not what America was ever about. This is not what civilization is about. This is what destroys civilizations from within. It is exactly what "the terrorists" want: a black and white world where everyone believes that our in-group is Right and everyone else is Wrong and evil and we'd be doing the world a favor if we just nuked 'em.[2]

In other words: Republicanism is what the terrorists want.[3] When Donald Trump says we should kill the families of known terrorists, he's following their playbook to the letter. When Republican leaders talk about nuking countries whose policies or actions we dislike, they're doing the same way: using the threat to advance their own agenda, then using their agenda to advance the threat.

...which is how the Republican Party makes its living, in a nutshell: inventing [[../imaginary threats|imaginary threats]] from which they will defend us with their last breath.


  1. Never mind that his idea of "loving freedom" seemed to involve hoarding it. (I'll touch only lightly on Bush's awfulness; I'd have to write another book to explore the subject even a little bit thoroughly.
  2. It says as much in the ISIS training manual: they're trying to create a black-and-white world where everyone not actively fighting against their cause is aligned with it... and this isn't the only point on which Republican hardliners and their best frienemies seem to agree.
  3. Not that I think we should care all that much about what the terrorists think; they're just part of the dark pantheon of overrated, created, or [[../imaginary threats|invented bogeyman threats]] that Republicans need to have around in order to be seen defending us from something -- but y'all seem to be scared of them, so....